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Express Profiling

June 29, 2004 16:21 by matthaw
Is it just me, or does it look like Microsoft tried to generalize the users of each express product? (http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/express/)

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June 29. 2004 17:29

Before you can produce anything, be it software, document or product you have to have a rough idea of who you are aiming it at.

Damien Guard

June 29. 2004 17:31

The c# and web dev girls are good looking, but the c++ guy is clearly evil. Seems like they've got it about right ;)


June 29. 2004 17:35

I love how the J# dude is old too, heh...and the SQL guy just looks like a DBA.

Matt Hawley

June 29. 2004 21:06

Not sure about the rest, but the photo of the C++ guy is used in MS print advertising.

Shannon J Hager

June 30. 2004 11:18

Ha. I was thinking the same thing. Pretty accurate pictures for the stereotypes, but... hmmm...

Hey, is it just me, or the VB.NET guy stoned? Hey, Mort, eyes up here! Picture time!

Jon Galloway

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