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Tahiti for TiVo

January 31, 2005 18:12 by matthaw

It’s nice to see TiVo supplying something for the large developer grouping of us. Tahiti, the code name for TiVo’s SDK, will be released on SourceForge sometime soon with a few example applications that “allow DVRs download information and content from the Internet that wasn’t possible to download before.”

However, the CNet article points out a few examples that are already available for JavaHMO using the Home Media Option. Maybe Tahiti can provide a more streamlined way of doing it, and not having to generate images.

The good? Well, its Java based, which means it’ll be able to fit right into JavaHMO allowing for their developers to do so much more with a great product. The bad? It’s a Java based SDK – which means someone is going to have to port it to .NET so that I (or many of you) can use it.

[via CNet]

Update: Here’s the direct link to the Home Media Engine (could this actually be the SDK name?).

  • Toolkit includes a sandbox TiVo emulator app you can run on your desktop to test applications against
  • Developer backdoor password that enables HME (will require that you have the new TiVo 7.1 OS)
  • You can now code simple games, audio applications, video applications, and utilities in Java that will run on your computer and communicate with any TiVo with the backdoor enabled on your network (you can share your code with others if they want to run the apps too)
  • Developer contest announced, to award the best apps developed in the next few months
  • Included sample apps include a simple game, a RSS reader, and a weather app

    [via PVRBlog]

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    TiVo ToGo Has Cometh

    January 19, 2005 07:10 by matthaw

    So I decided tonight that I was going to force a TiVo update, and this time around it was finally successful. TiVo ToGo, or rather the latest TiVo software was downloaded to my TiVo. After a restart, and another half hour of waiting while it processed the information…I finally had TiVo ToGo. Now, I’m transferring some shows over (small ones of course) to see if I can play it even though I don’t have a supported media codec. Oh yeah, the night has cometh – TiVo ToGo is mine

    Update: Looks like my decoder that isn’t supported works like a charm. And so I have 3 minutes of Married with Children to just test. I’m suprised my wireless network transferred that 3 minutes pretty fast. This is sooo cool. Now, how to bypass the decoding stuff and record to DVD without any software. If you’ve got any pointers, let me know.

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    Amazon Shipping - How Lame

    January 15, 2005 06:17 by matthaw
    So on December 28th, I ordered 3 iTunes gift cards from Amazon with my $40 gift card bonus from work, and it has finally shipped. What really sucks is that the first round of ship dates came and gone, and so they bumped it out a week. Yesterday, I shot an email to them saying how unfortunate it is that they cannot fulfill thier orders in a timely fashion. They, however, gave me a sob story that the iTunes gift cards were backordered and they didn’t know when they were getting some in…okay, they’re gift cards – geezus, its not like I’m buying 3 42” plasma tvs or something! So, they finally responded and told me they were upgrading my shipping to 2 day priority from my free shipping that would take 3–5 days. Well, my items finally got shipped…late today (Friday). Which means, it won’t actually go out until Monday – why? Well, 2 day shipping doesn’t get picked up on weekends, so my 2 day shipping is going to take 4–5 days, and so we’re back at the beginning of this vicious cycle except for the fact that I know my gift cards are on their way.

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    Searching Your Blog

    January 12, 2005 01:05 by matthaw
    Following David’s example and great code, I also added searching to my blog. Do the same for your blog!

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    Book Review: Developer to Designer

    January 11, 2005 23:34 by matthaw

    I just finished reading Mike Gunderloy’s latest, Developer to Designer – GUI Design for the Busy Developer, and to sum it up, this book takes up where his other book (Coder to Developer) leaves off. Developer to Designer has a lot of useful information contained in it about proper design considerations for developing windows, web, and Avalon (yes, Avalon) applications.

    I must say that this book, on a technical level, is well below what I normally read. This would definitely be a book for developers just starting out in the working world, or those switching careers to that of the more illustrious geekdom. I found it very rudimentary in the level of detail that was brought into describing different elements of design. Sure, I picked up a few pointers, but for the most part I scanned 1/2 (or more) of the book.

    I was also considerably dissapointed with the amount of content in Windows vs. Web based design. In the book, he states that web design has its limitations (which obviously it does), but barely chips the ice off the top of the sculpture when discussing it. Coming from a high level of web based programming and design (I’m not claiming to be a graphic designer, my websites show that I don’t have that technical skill), I would have expected more out of the few chapters that he did explain. It seems evident to me that filler was needed to extend the length of the book, so what better than describing HTML elements and how to use them rather than describing best design decisions when creating websites.

    Lastly, the final chapter was based on next generation user interface design…specifically Avalon & Longhorn. This chapter seemed completely out of place within this book, and most of the content that was contained seemed more of a “intro to Longhorn” book that probably has already been published. This chapter was completely useless, as it focuses on more of a specific future technology rather than generalizations like the first 3/4 of the book that can be applicable to all development platforms (yes, even Macs). Personally, I would have left this chapter out completely, but my guess is that it was in there due to needing filler.

    So, what’s my overall reaction to the book? Well, I’m not impressed, but at the same time I’m not un-impressed (well, except for the Longhorn chapter). I personally wouldn’t have gone out and purchased this book if it wasn’t for me receiving a free copy (Thanks Sybex!). But, if you’re new to windows (and, well I guess web – but I wouldn’t use this for that primary purpose) development, I’d suggest this book. It does give you a very detailed explanation of good design patterns that are currently used. However, if you’ve done some design previously I’d shy away from this one, as it’s probably too rudimentary for your technical skill level.

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    BlogJet 1.5 Final Released

    January 7, 2005 20:33 by matthaw

    BlogJet 1.5 Final was released today. Go get your update now. Note, that the pricing structure was changed from previous, it now costs $39.95 instead of $19.95…man am I glad I purchased it a LOONG time ago. Anyway, does look they’re having some troubles with Firefox support on the website (its a mixture of new and old) so be forwarned. Nevermind, just refreshed my page and the new CSS file came down - thats twice Firefox has cached something that should have been updated.

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    64bit Processors and Step By Step

    January 6, 2005 22:51 by matthaw

    So the television show that most of us enjoyed between the years of 1991 and 1998 was way ahead of their time. In the episode that’s currently on, the parents were talking with their brainiac child, Mark, and trying to find a good hobby for him. Most of you may remember, that he likes science, math, and probably D&D (he quite possibly would have scored high on the nerd test we’ve all taken recently).

    So, what was his interest – well, it was to start playing with the new 64–bit processor motherboards that was just discussed in a magazine. Heh, so its possible this episode was from 1995, which makes it 10 years ahead of its time as far as 64–bit processors actually starting to make their mainstay within the product lines now. Gotta love it.

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    Linking Proclomation

    January 6, 2005 18:56 by matthaw

    I’ve just decided that from now on, the only links that will be found within my blog posts will be links of interest or personal intent. In other words, if I mention Microsoft – you won’t find that it’s linked to their website. However, don’t get pissed off if you see statements like “my custom controls” or “via Scoble” as those will contain links pertaining to my interest or personal intent.

    Argue if you must that this breaks the blue-thumb (I figured blue was an appropriate color rather than green, as that indicates gardening) of blogging and providing linking. But dagnabbit, I’m tired of mentioning a company name then linking it, or mentioning a product, and linking it. You’re all bright people, if you really want to know the URL to a dLo product (previously mentioned), you know how to use Google.

    This statement conforms with my own thoughts recently and doesn’t reflect anyone’s comments or anxieties towards me not linking within the last few posts. In reality, I just figured I’d post something that would spark some interest in people and possibly start a flame war – bring it on! However, I reserve the right to ignore the heck outta ya

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    Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta 1

    January 6, 2005 18:48 by matthaw

    So what’s the big news going around the blogosphere other than the fact that at CES the demo gods hated Bill & Conan? Or the fact that TiVo and Microsoft is partnering up yet still be competitors? (All info can be found at Engadget) Well, how about the Beta 1 release of the Microsoft AntiSpyware (downloaded here) that is probably just a quick naming change from its previous hostile takover of GIANT software.

    Anyway, I downloaded and installed on my home computer and the thing works great. Found a spyware that Ad-Aware missed. Now, I wonder how much changes are going to come from this, but if MS wants to ultimately include this in versions of windows, they’re going to have to get something right – like not have it run in the notification area, but as a service that alerts us of stuff. Otherwise great, I have it running but like any other computer crazed person, we don’t want 5 gajillion things within our notification area because it generally indicates that too much stuff is running.

    So, its pretty good for a beta (though was it a beta when MS took it over from GIANT? I doubt it), try it out for yourself.

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    How Nerdy Are You?

    January 6, 2005 18:38 by matthaw
    I am nerdier than 63% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!
    I guess thats good? Does that mean I have a somewhat social life? I mean I answered that I only had less than 4 good friends – why is that social. Probably because I didn’t spend my childhood enjoying D&D or watching Star Trek – or the fact that I hated science and could care less about the periodic table. At least I’m not as nerdy as Kent (no hard feelings man, but it does show ).

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