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NewsGator Inbox - NNTP Plugin Updated

March 28, 2006 04:53 by matthaw
Coinciding with the release of NewsGator Inbox v2.6 today, I’ve released a patch to the current version that enables my NNTP Posting Plugin to start working again. Sometime in the time prior to the 2.5 roll-out, they changed how a few attributes in the NewsGator OPML was stored, which didn’t allow me to retrieve the correct URL for the posts. As such, this release fixes this issue, as well as upgrading to .NET 2.0. If you’re currently running the plugin, it should alert you the next time you attempt to post. Otherwise, head on over and download the latest version.

Released: Excentrics World Server Controls v2.0, Beta 1

March 25, 2006 09:33 by matthaw

Pulling a late night tonight to get the official Beta 1 out the door! I’ve locked the control set, which will include the following controls:

  - CalendarPopup
  - CollapsablePanel
  - CompareValidator *
  - CustomValidator *
  - FaqRepeater
  - ListTransfer
  - MaskedTextBox
  - MultiTextDropDownList
  - MultiTextListBox
  - NumericBox
  - RangeValidator *
  - RegularExpressionValidator *
  - RequiredFieldValidator *
  - TimePicker

* These validation controls only add support for use with the CalendarPopup / TimePicker controls, however work independently with other controls as well.

I will be continuing to fix bugs, tidy up the API, and clean up the design-time experience from now until I release. I will be taking the month of April off, as it’ll be a much deserved break, but I do have a good reason as I’ll be getting married and taking my honeymoon! So until later, I’m tired & need to hit the sack! Enjoy beta testers!

Release - Excentrics World Controls - Beta 1 Preview, Refresh 1

March 20, 2006 00:47 by matthaw

Ahh, another week another beta. I just dropped my Beta 1 Preview, Refresh 1 to my beta testers, and boy does it feel great. This beta drop included support for 2 more controls from my collection, as well as some breaking of backwards compatability. In summary, I’ve removed AccordianPanel and OrderedListBox. However, I implemented the

  • “Grouping” feature of the AccordianPanel into the CollapsablePanel control
  • Added support for “sliding” for FireFox
  • Fixed the ever-so-painful Nested Sliding Panel’s issue.

As far as the OrderedListBox, well that’s a whole different story. I’ve disbanded from the Composite Control nature that it was previously in hopes that a ListTransfer control (that implements this same functionality for individually moving up, down, to another ListBox, or deleting an item) will allow developers more freedom over layout.

So, hoping that these teasers keep the community actively involved, there will definately be more of them. If you have any features you’re wishing were implemented, make sure you drop me a line and let me know. Now’s the time, since I’m re-writing the controls. Also, if you’re just dying to get your hands on the beta’s, make sure you contact me as well and I’ll add you to the contact list. Enjoy!

Released - Excentric's World Controls - Beta 1 Preview

March 13, 2006 15:35 by matthaw

Talk about a good weekend for me! I was able to prepare and release the first Beta 1 Preview to my testers. It’s been a fun couple of weeks working on re-writing the controls for .NET 2.0, and I’m just glad that the first phase is done. I figured the approach I would take for releasing beta’s would be very similar in how CTPs are launched. You’ll notice I called this a “Beta 1 Preview” because it contains a subset of the server controls. If you’re still interested in beta testing, I’m always looking for more people, so contact me. Ohh, and to the community awaiting the release, here’s a subset of breaking changes / features that went with this build:

  • Using WebResources to handle all Javascript sources, no more need for “ExternalResourcePath”.
  • No “down-level” support anymore for the CalendarPopup control, and the same will apply to the TimePicker.
  • MaskedTextBox now derives directly from TextBox, which means it’s no longer a composite control and lacks the validation controls within.
  • All controls will be themeable via skins.
  • All “text” properties will be localizable.
  • Added support to CalendarPopup for validation controls – must use those contained in eWorld.UI assembly.
  • Full support for DataSource controls with the Multi-Text list controls.

While just a teaser, there were a slew of bug fixes for all controls contained, most notably for the CalendarPopup control. So, enjoy!

Firefox Woes

March 8, 2006 07:58 by matthaw
So I've been running IE7 Beta 2 Preview since it was released, and I've not had the troubles that I've had within the last hour of installing FireFox, okay so I can't really compare them - I just gotta put the plug in. I'm currently re-writing the CalendarPopup control and got it fully functional in IE7. So, I decided to switch over to FireFox to see how it works. Well, it seems that some bug crept into FireFox that gives random errors like the following: "Error: Error in parsing value for property 'cursor'. Declaration dropped." Huh? Are you kidding me? This is simply a style being applied to a SPAN tag! Browsing the internet isn't turning up much, but I did find a few posts & newsgroup postings with the same error, heck even with other style attributes. Now that's progress - backwards, that is. Disapointing, and hopefully these things get fixed in the next build. Well, the bright side is that the control still functions as expected, you just don't get a pretty "hand" cursor. Oh well, back to it I guess.

Update: Bah, my lack of understanding w3c standards comes to bite me! BTW - new link I've never seen... www.quirksmode.org ... haven't had time to really check it out.

Beta Testing v2.0 of eWorld.UI Controls

March 6, 2006 23:44 by matthaw
While v2.0 of the eWorld.UI controls are still a bit on the horizon as of right now, I’d like to open the door to anyone wishing to beta test v2.0 of the controls. This version will be only supported on the 2.0 .NET framework, and there will be breaking changes from the current release to the 2.0 release. If you’re interested, please drop me a quick line so I can add you to the list.

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