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NewsGator Inbox - NNTP Plugin Updated

March 28, 2006 04:53 by matthaw
Coinciding with the release of NewsGator Inbox v2.6 today, I’ve released a patch to the current version that enables my NNTP Posting Plugin to start working again. Sometime in the time prior to the 2.5 roll-out, they changed how a few attributes in the NewsGator OPML was stored, which didn’t allow me to retrieve the correct URL for the posts. As such, this release fixes this issue, as well as upgrading to .NET 2.0. If you’re currently running the plugin, it should alert you the next time you attempt to post. Otherwise, head on over and download the latest version.

True NNTP for Outlook

April 10, 2004 22:02 by matthaw
Looks like theres finally something out there that will be competing with NewsGator and my NNTP Posting Plugin that allows for true NNTP support in Outlook. However, there seems to be issues with combining this plugin with NewsGator.  Obviously I'm sticking to NewsGator & my NNTP Posting Plugin, why ditch my own stuff.

Plugin Release: NewsGator NNTP Plugin v1.0.1

March 25, 2004 03:39 by matthaw

Version 1.0.1 of the NewsGator NNTP Plugin to allow posting to newsgroups has been released.  This version fixes a major bug in the extension when receiving posts in NewsGator.  The previous versions would incorrectly associate bad data to the post, which resulted in incorrect threading of posts.  If you're running the NNTP Plugin, this update is a MUST!

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Dogfooding my NNTP Plugin

March 24, 2004 17:23 by matthaw

Yesterday & Today I decided to start being more proactive in newsgroups, and as such I wanted to start dogfooding my NNTP NG Posting Plugin. I definately have to say that reading & responding to newsgroup postings is extremely easy.  Since I really never posted to newsgroups, I never really used it, I just developed it because there was a need in the community for it.  However, after using it several times, I'm definately stoked about it...and I would have to say that dogfooding is always a good idea on whatever application you're using. Maybe I'll find something I like or don't like about it that I can change.  Gotta love it.

Now, to find out how to add my signature for replies...

Partially Scobleized

March 5, 2004 15:52 by matthaw

Well, its not a direct post from Scoble, but its pretty darn close, maybe I'll get a straight link from Scoble one of these times :)  Though, I would like to mention that I'm not affiliated with NewsGator, and the NNTP Plugin is not suppored by NewsGator. Thanks Scoble!

NewsGator releases NNTP plugin

Plugin Release: NewsGator NNTP Plugin v1.0

March 5, 2004 00:35 by matthaw

Version 1.0 of the NewsGator NNTP Plugin to allow posting to newsgroups has been released. This version includes instant notification of updated versions, as well as refinement of the sending username and email per the RFC spec.  This version solves the 441 error, where you may receive a message saying your email address doesn't conform to internet standards.

Visit the NewsGator NNTP Plugin page to view more information and download the plugin!

NNTP Plugin... Plug

February 20, 2004 18:27 by matthaw

Thanks for the great plug and announcement Greg!

Greg also mentions Graeme Foster's new plugin FetchLinks.  I'm just hoping this works for my SlickDeals.net feeds :)

NNTP Plugin Page Setup

February 4, 2004 00:23 by matthaw

I've setup a page containing information relating to the NNTP Posting Plugin for NewsGator.  This page will give you more detailed information, a change log, and other stuff (not yet defined).  By using this page you can keep up-to-date on the NNTP Plugin.

As a side note, version 0.5 seems to be the tip of the iceburg for this plugin, so after a few weeks it may be moved into 1.0 status.  I've also setup a new forum where we can discuss the plugin, get support, and ask for enhancements.  Hopefully all this will lead to a community driven plugin.

View the webpage | View the forum

Plugin Release: NewsGator NNTP Plugin v0.5

February 2, 2004 00:18 by matthaw

Version 0.5 of the NewsGator NNTP Plugin to allow posting to newsgroups has been released.  This version includes proper cross-posting functionality to newsgroups, a major enhancement in server/newsgroup selection, enhancement in error descriptions now containing the server and newsgroup when sending an email to the developer, and lastly, the user will be restricted from posting empty posts to a server.  The first and last update were to start working towards GNKSA's seal of approval.

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Plugin Release: NewsGator NNTP Plugin v0.4

January 29, 2004 01:33 by matthaw
Version 0.4 of the NewsGator NNTP Plugin to allow posting to newsgroups has been released. This version includes even more tight integration with NewsGator, eliminating the need of ever configuring your authentication credentials in multiple places. An option has also been added to the configuration section, that will allow you to be prompted each time you post to a newsgroup, even if you're responding to a post. I have also added the ability to post to multiple newsgroups, and increased the error handling to be more descriptive and useful. Lastly, I've fixed a bug that displayed the headers as part of the body when viewed in Outlook Express.

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