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Review: MoodLogic

June 29, 2004 00:24 by matthaw

This weekend I ran across a utility called MoodLogic in the search for an application that would allow me to easily sort my music library as well as generate music mixes easily. With tag lines like "The Ultimate Music Experience" and "We make Mixes from the best music in the world...Yours" I have to truly agree.

I've only been using MoodLogic for 2 days so far, but I'm thouroughly impressed with their services. When you add your music to the library, your music is "activated" with their services. Don't let this frighten you, though, as its more of a way to easily retrieve information about that music file like its Artist, Genre, Album and more.

The real power is when you wish to create "instant" mixes (as I like to call them. You easily pull up the interface, choose which Genre you want, your tempo, mood, and the length of the mix...and shazzam! you've got a new mix that can easily be imported into Windows Media Player, Winamp, or iTunes. To do this, just click the Play button at the bottom of the interface and your chosen player is launched...its that simple.

The other cool thing about MoodLogic, is that it integrates with TiVo's Home Media Option allowing you to play any of your mixes directly from the TiVo or have MoodLogic play songs from a particular Genre, Artist, or Mood. It can even "Suprise" you by generating a random mix and play it through your TiVo.

Unfortunately, MoodLogic isn't free, however for the power it provides, the $39.95 one time fee is well worth it. If you want to give it a trial run, they do have a 14-day trial.

Worth checking out if you own a TiVo or listen to music all day at work:


June 29. 2004 00:31

App doesn't run for me. ZERO FLOPPIES.

Jeff Key

June 29. 2004 00:35

Jeff, you forgot to mention that your running Win2k3 SP1 (a pre-release version).

Matt Hawley

June 29. 2004 05:28

I loooked at it about 4 months ago.  The only thing I didnt like is that it did not store track numbers.  Call me old scholl but sometimes I want to play a cd in order of track numbers.  Does the current verison have this limitation?



July 23. 2004 22:25

Not only does it not store track numbers, it also has some other limitations. i.e. it does not nearly 'activate' (recognize) all mp3's, well if your only listening mainstream it might, but otherwise forget it.

Another problem is that it first clears all id3 information before writing it's own. This means that any additional information in there is deleted. I use another program (MusicBrainz; http://musicbrainz.org/">http://musicbrainz.org/) wich does recognize almost 99% of my files (and the rest is very easily added t their database) and on top of that is free! This program adds an ID number to the id3 information, so it can easily be recognized in the future. Moodlogic deletes this info.

Also, the mixes MoodLogic creates aren't that great; ML puts a lot of value in the genre of a song, wich is often determined wrong, it will not create cross-genre mixes.

Predixis MusicMagic, a less known program is in my opinion a way better alternative. It does not rely on a user submitted database that is often wrong, like ML, but gets info directly from the song, and analyses that. When you create a mix, you select a song you want the mix to be build around, and MusicMagic creates a mix of similar songs.

Predixis MusicMagic is NOT free, but it does have a 14 day trial, in wich you can activate an unlimited amount of songs. Afterwards, you can still create mixes, so it's still usefull.

In conclusion, the combination of the programs MusicBrainz, and MusicMagic mixer is a way better alternative to Moodlogic, even more so when you decide to pay the modest fee (around $30) I think for the Predixis MusicMagic Mixer.


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