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Job Shadowing is Fun

April 22, 2004 19:03 by matthaw

I just had a student from a local high school job shadow me for about an hour or so. Overall, I think I left him with a very good impression on what development work is really like - well, in the sense that I spend some of my mornings doing bug fixes. I was able to show him how to diagnose & fix 2 different applications, 1 of which was alerted to me while we were working on the first application. However, I feel like I might have lost him at parts, because he hasn't done much programming himself, and has only really used BASIC (eek!) and HTML (ahhhh). I did ask him if he was lost at any point, and he said that for the most part he understood what I was doing. I guess thats a good thing, since he wants to become a game developer himself.

Job shadowing is fun, really it is. Well, if you're the person being shadowed that is. I remember when I did job shadowing in high school...I was so lost and my head was filled with so much information that I was just spent after those days. Plus, I never really did any programming job shadowing - so I really didn't get full exposure to what I would be dealing with daily, but I can say I was not dissapointed.

Have you done job shadowing/been shadowed? What were your experiences like?

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