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Free nTierGen

April 22, 2004 16:28 by matthaw

Well, I think I should join the crowd and say I just received my free nTierGen license from Gavin.

The tool looks very well put together, however within 5-10 minutes of playing with it, I've already submitted 2 bugs. I doubt that will continue for the rest of my testing, but I do like how he integrates creating a remoting layer - very sweet.

However, sometimes I don't want to use tables as datasources or have it create stored procedures because they're commonly created by a guy at work for us, and they generally need to be a bit more complex than the simple insert, update, and delete procs. Maybe a nice addition would be to select created stored procedures as well and then create DAL/BLL layer objects off of that? I guess I'll post that to the forum as well.

Anyway, if you have a blog on weblogs.asp.net, you too can get a free version just by shooting Gavin an email with your blog address. Simple, easy, and FREE!

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