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New Website Design Live

April 23, 2008 21:46 by matthaw

I've just released my re-designed website and blog. I finally decided it was time to give up the blue and yellow look for a more inviting green and orange look. Below are some notable changes:

  • The major structure and content has stayed the same, but I have made some perks to drive more traffic to portions of the site. All incoming links remain the same.
  • I have also decided to ditch the full width of your browser to a more appealing 1024px width. This gives me the opportunity for placement of information.
  • I've added a quicklinks and a quickblog section to the right sidebar allowing for quick access to the most important information easily.
  • There's no more "ideas" page - mainly because it was just a page that didn't get looked at or where I wouldn't take ideas from anymore.

If you come across any issues, please contact me or leave a comment!


June 2. 2008 09:13

Try the site on IE6. All content will move to make space for the expanding menu, instead of the menu just rolling over it.


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