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Excentrics World is back in Business!

February 10, 2006 21:42 by matthaw
Well, it’s been about 10 months since I’ve been able to do anything with Excentric’s World, but alas – I’ve finally gotten approval to resume distribution of my custom server controls and selling of the source code. I’ll be working this weekend to get my EULA and License agreement updated, not to mention the website back up. Thanks to all those that have waited, and the 2500+ people who’ve supported the site.


February 10. 2006 22:58

Excellent.. Congrats on the approval and thankyou for the great work.


February 10. 2006 23:08

Great news! Congratulations


February 10. 2006 23:13

Thats great news. I can't wait to see them back in action. Congratulations and thank you for fighting to keep these live.


February 11. 2006 00:04

Matt, I am super happy for you.  This is great news for you and the community.

Tim Haines

February 11. 2006 00:13

Finally! Congrats! Excellent news and looking forward to new controls maybe?

Bil Simser

February 11. 2006 00:38

Yes, at some point - I'll have to get back into it.

Matt Hawley

February 11. 2006 00:51

Congrats, Matt!

Now I can stop making up phony names for the petition...

- Jon

Jon Galloway

February 11. 2006 00:51



February 11. 2006 00:52

Congratulations, Matt!

Peter Blum

February 13. 2006 15:33



February 16. 2006 10:01

No, seriously, welcome back...  Looking forward to .net 2.0 controls from you!



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