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XML For Signatures

August 19, 2005 00:23 by matthaw
Today I've seen something I've never seen before that raises the bar on geekness... XML for signatures. One was XAML and another was a VS.NET Styled XML signature. Heh, crazy - okay back to work.

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August 19. 2005 00:35

any examples?


August 19. 2005 09:05

You should have seen my business cards at PDC03 Smile

Actually, here it is: http://www.paolomarcucci.com/images/PM%20-%20PDC%20Card.gif">http://www.paolomarcucci.com/images/PM%20-%20PDC%20Card.gif

This year, I have *collectible* business cards. With XML and barcodes Smile

Paolo Marcucci

August 24. 2005 11:24

hmmm... u should try to get some help for that :p


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