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Throw vs. Throw ex

November 30, 2004 18:21 by matthaw
Thanks to Jackie pointing to this entry, I now realize the importance of using throw versus throw ex. How many of you actually realized that?

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November 30. 2004 22:41

Since you asked. . . I knew that. . . and I only knew that because I read a lot.  I pose another question:  Have you read the .Net SDK?  Microsoft really got it right with this set of documentation.  If you are thinking of buying a .Net book, read the free SDK documentation first.  It is really great and will give you all the in-depth knowledge you need to know (like the behavior difference of throw {var}; vs. throw;)

Jeffrey Palermo

November 30. 2004 22:43

No, I actually haven't read the SDK, I unfortunately don't get paid to do that at work.

Matt Hawley

November 30. 2004 22:47

I know that too. Though it is one of the most common mistakes I see in programs. I too only knew because I used to live and breath documentation and blogs to the point of I was sort of obsessed with it and spent way too much time doing that vs coding ;)

Adam Weigert

November 30. 2004 23:55

well I didn't know it!  so thanks for passing it along!

I haven't read the SDK either...there's so much to read and so little time, especially what with Halo 2 and all ;)

Scott C Reynolds

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