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Unleash It Plugins Taking Off

November 18, 2004 16:20 by matthaw

So its been about a week since Unleash It 2.3 was released, and so far 2 plugins have surfaced. Talk about getting a good feeling when you see other people start creating things against your product with plugins.

The latest plugin that was released, developed by Josh Kewley, also comes with a thorough article on how he developed the plugin. He also gives his advice on how to debug your plugin (which I will be incorporating into the plugin information).

So, if you get a chance, hop on over to the plugins forums and read up on Josh's experiences. Both of which will help you out in the longrun if you need to create your own plugin for Unleash It!

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November 18. 2004 19:38

We love your work and are very excited for you about this new success.

Keep up the good work.

Jim Cheseborough

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