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Jeff Prosise's .NET Presentation

October 11, 2004 16:21 by matthaw

For those of you who attended last weeks Central IL Dot Net user group meeting (ASP.NET Hacking), you can download Jeff Prosise's presentation and demo code from here.

Jeff, I also wanted to give you a public Thank You! for taking a day of your precious time to visit us and give such a great presentation. It was also great meeting you in person and I hope that the next Geek Cruise, .NET Nirvana III, goes without a hitch!

Update: Just found out there is no Powerpoint, however it does contain all the demos. Jeff didn't actually use a powerpoint presentation, he just spoke and showed demos.


October 11. 2004 17:33

Was there a PowerPoint presentation for this event?

The www.eworldui.net/files/Jeff_Prosise_Hacked.zip">www.eworldui.net/files/Jeff_Prosise_Hacked.zip file 'only' contains VS project files (which btw, look quite interresting)

Dinis Cruz

.Net Security Consultant


Dinis Cruz

October 11. 2004 20:21


This is the same talk Jeff gave our group. As I mentioned on my blog post(weblogs.asp.net/.../231402.aspx">weblogs.asp.net/.../231402.aspx), Jeff does a great job WITHOUT a PowerPoint deck.


Robert Hurlbut

October 12. 2004 05:22

Robert, it's also quite similar (you could say almost the same) to what Jeff presented over here (in Melbourne, Australia) sometime last year. (It looks like Jeff has expanded on the content since then. But some samples look like they are still in there. Such as the SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting examples)

But I guess the messages that are presented in his presentations are still quite relevant and needs to be spread to all developers out there.

William Luu

October 19. 2004 04:13


Thanks for providing the files!



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