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Updated Utility: Unleash It 2.2

October 8, 2004 22:56 by matthaw

Unleash It has been updated once again, this time being a huge update. Lots of things have been added, changed, or fixed since, all which are contained in the changelog being listed below. However, the most notable change is that now Xceed's FTP Library is now being used instead of a custom library. What does this mean? Well, you should no longer have issues with FTP like some have had before.

Below is the changelog...

  • Added: Ability to clear the log file when viewing it.
  • Added: Ability to cancel a FTP profile editing.
  • Added: Security checking for FTP testing.
  • Added: Additional file masks (*.asax, *.css, *.js, and *.png) to the default masks
  • Added: CLS Compliance
  • Added: Ability to add file and folder masks globally with the profile listing.
  • Fixed: Exception being thrown when accessing the logfile during a deployment.
  • Fixed: Directories with periods now successfully work.
  • Fixed: FTP Settings now get validated and saved if not saved manually when clicking OK.
  • Fixed: Error when submitting a bug and cannot contact bug server. Now have the option to save bug report to send manually.
  • Fixed: Duplicate button was still enabled after deleting a profile.
  • Fixed: When duplicating a profile, and click Cancel, the profile is not saved.
  • Fixed: Overflow exception when loading a VS.NET project file with invalid characters.
  • Changed: Now using Xceed's FTP library.
  • Changed: File / Folder mask lists are now sorted.
  • Changed: Adding File / Folder masks will be checked by default.
  • Changed: Double clicking a profile in the Profiles dialog will open up the edit dialog for that profile.
  • Changed: Files Copied and Exceptions dialogs are now re-sizable.
  • Changed: Notification of application running during install can now be cancelled.
  • Changed: The "Deploy" button in the context menu for the VS.NET plugin is now below "Build" and "Rebuild"

To update your version of Unleash It (or just plain download it and try it out), go to http://www.eworldui.net/UnleashIt and grab your copy now. Don't forget about the forums that have been setup either! Enjoy all!

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October 8. 2004 23:47

The link on the website to download the file gives a 404 Error.


October 8. 2004 23:56

It is back up.

Matt Hawley

October 13. 2004 11:59

Excluded FILE mask.

Thanks for your GREAT work.


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