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Heading to Nebraska

September 27, 2004 17:58 by matthaw

I'll be heading to Nebraska this afternoon for a few days on a business trip. So, I will probably have limited contact with the outside world. I'll be back on Thursday, so I'll attempt to get caught up at that point.

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September 27. 2004 20:45

Have a good time.  I beleive that Kent Tegles lives in Omaha, if you know or have heard of him.



September 28. 2004 14:46

Yep he does, I actually got to spend a night hanging out with him earlier this month when he came to IL for our .NET user group. Unfortunately, I'm on a business trip and don't have any time for fun.

Matt Hawley

September 29. 2004 01:05

As a person who lives in Omaha, I got a laugh from your post. I realize you meant that you would be too busy on your trip to keep up with your blog. However, the way I read your bit about "limited contact with the outside world" made me laugh. I thought, "What? Does he think Omaha is stuck with the telegraph?" Smile

Cale Corbett

September 29. 2004 19:11

LOL, telegraph, thats good. Actually I'm stuck on dial-up from my hotel room, and this is the first time I got above 28.8 Kbps connection, woo hoo, a whopping 36.4 kbps. Maybe I should venture down to the business office, I hear they have 1 LAN connection.

BTW, what is sad is that the only place that everyone suggests is our hotel bar, in Grand Island ... I know this town is big enough for something better!

Matt Hawley

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