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TiVo Beats ReplayTV

September 21, 2004 22:16 by matthaw

In the most bizarre article, engineers of the Good Housekeeping Institute tested both TiVo and ReplayTV. What did they find? Well, they found both work great, but the engineers (who do this for a living, I might add) had to call ReplayTV twice for technical support.

On an unrelated matter...

Oh, wait...this isn't the article...

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September 22. 2004 21:19

Re: Call ReplayTV twice:

For what? I mean, you plug it in, pick your local service provider, wait for the download, and bingo...

"Engineers" eh?

And ReplayTV reschedules shows and does the "Season Pass" thang too. The only problem with ReplayTV is that if you give it too many shows to record, it will skip 'em, even when it doesn't have recording conflicts. Which sucks. Maybe they've improved this in the year since I last used one tho'.


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