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Get your Bloggers List Back! (on weblogs.asp.net / blogs.msdn.com)

September 16, 2004 21:48 by matthaw

I just noticed that the main pages have been updated with links to listings of bloggers. For instance, weblogs.asp.net has 3 links, "Microsoft Bloggers", "Non-Microsoft Bloggers", and "All Bloggers" whereas blogs.msdn.com has a link called "Blog Lists". What these are, are actually the non-truncated listing of blogs on each community site. This (I assume) is to replace the HUUUGE listing of bloggers down the side of the main feed site. It even comes with a nice listing of the descriptions too :)

I tell ya what else would be nice:

  • Display # of posts along with Last Updated
  • Change "LastUpdated" to be actually "Last Updated" in the listing <-- Picky aren't I
  • Be able to sort this listing by (asc / desc for all):
    • Blog name
    • Username
    • Last updated
    • # of posts

How about it  Community Server :: Blogs team?

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September 17. 2004 00:40

Hate to point it out, but the different OPML files for MS bloggers versus non-MS bloggers has been there for awhile. Smile

Ryan Rinaldi

September 17. 2004 01:01

Not the OPML, but under the "Bloggers" section.

Matt Hawley

September 17. 2004 01:07

Woops!  I'm not quite sure if that is new or not.  I take back my original comment.

Ryan Rinaldi

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