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New Release: Unleash It 2.0

September 2, 2004 00:21 by matthaw

"The day has cometh," sayeth the lone developer responsible for easy web deployments...

Unleash It 2.0 has finally reached its pinnacle of functionality, and as such its in due for a release to the public for general consumption (I'm not responsible for anyone eating software (is this even possible? (maybe if you save it to a floppy disk or CD?))).

For those who are not familiar with Unleash It, it is the rebranded utility named WebDeploy. However, Unleash It is not just a rebranded version, its a completely new codebase that has allowed for a multitude of expansion. Taking ideas (and a bit of code) from WebDeploy, Unleash It 2.0 has all of the same features of WebDeploy, but MORE!

Jumping directly into the changes, rather highlights (how can their be changes from a new codebase?):

  • Redesigned Windows Application, allowing you to:
    • Deploy a single profile or multiple profiles
    • Select folder masks that are to be excluded
    • Easy profile switching with new profile combobox
    • Easy active profile editing
    • Redesigned profile configuration dialog (ditched the wizard)
    • Redesigned profile management dialog (easier to use now!)
    • Easy to deploy a profile from the notification area icon
    • Notification Area Icon now alerts you when your deployment has finished
  • NEW! Visual Studio .NET 2003 Add-In
    • Easy to configure quick deploy profile
    • Easy to deploy a selected project (context menu item in the solution explorer)
  • NEW! WebDeploy Profile Conversion
    • Allows you to convert your existing WebDeploy profiles into Unleash It 2.0 Format!
  • New! New website to provide a primary entry point for Unleash It information.
  • New! New forums to discuss Unleash It, submit bugs or feature requests.

So, what are you waiting for? Scootch on over to the Unleash It site and download your free copy today!

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September 2. 2004 11:22

UnleashIt (ex WebDeploy)


September 2. 2004 19:58

This looks great.  I've been using WebDeploy and was just telling myself that it would be great to exclude vti* files and deploy to multiple servers.  Installing now.  Thanks.

Geoff Weinhold

September 3. 2004 12:47

Hi Matt,

Great stuff.

I might be missing something with regards to deploying to multiple webservers (a web cluster).

I created a new profile, which obviously will need to be the same for all three web servers. At the moment, it looks like I need to create this profile several times (once for each destination server), and then add them all into the multiple deployment area.

This is because of the 1-to-1 relationship between a profile and the source and destination configuration. When deploying to a web cluster, you'd want to create one profile, but multiple destinations.

Am I missing something here?



Wim Hollebrandse

September 3. 2004 21:45

Screenshots brother, SCREENSHOTS! ;)

Scott Hanselman

September 3. 2004 22:09

actually i would like to see one more feature:

excluding a particular FILE!  (obviously a hack would be to put this file into an "Excluded Folder")

I use the AppSettings a lot.  I'm not sure a lot of people know about the file attribute on the appSettings tag, but basically it allows you to override a few "keys" for a local machine.  

So, on my dev machine, I have the web.config and a webDev.config, which overrides the appsettings to make it not send external emails, uses Localhost for url rooting, etc.

(No debates as to using ~/, these are emails going out that have to be fully qualified)

Eric Newton

September 3. 2004 23:17

LOL, just download and try Scott!

Eric, I like the idea, so maybe it'll make it into future versions. However, you can change your file mask to be an actual file name if you wish, rather than just having *.config

Matt Hawley

September 4. 2004 12:02

Matt, see my comment above. How do I deploy to a cluster by reusing the same profile and configuring several destinations for this one profile?

Wim Hollebrandse

September 6. 2004 06:47

It is designed so that each profile can have only 1 destionation at a time, so you'll have to configure multiple profiles to deploy to different servers. I may look at to changing this somehow in the future.

Matt Hawley

September 23. 2004 05:24

If there would be some way of naming the FTP profile to something other than the FTP server that would help.  I'm always unsure if I'm just deploying to the root or if I'm deploying to the subdir FTP profile - as both appear in the dropdown but both have the same ftp server and therefore I can't tell which profile is which.

Ricky Faulstich

September 27. 2004 04:48

Ricky, this is now available in 2.1.1 Smile

Matt Hawley

September 30. 2004 09:22

Excellent!  And it even worked like a charm after using my old config settings.  Darn good job.

Ricky Faulstich

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