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Updated Utility: WebDeploy 1.2.3

August 9, 2004 22:57 by matthaw

My constant barrages of updates for WebDeploy has left me releasing yet another version, 1.2.3. Like its predecessor, it is mainly a bug fix version, in the hopes that I'll have a rock solid tool to base my 2.0 distribution off of. This update was aimed at stability of the product, and as such you'll see that reflected in the changelog following this soon.

I do, however, want to take a step back and note this will be the last public release for WebDeploy. I do want to say that the utility is NOT going away, however once it is rebranded after the naming contest ends this Friday, work on version 2.0 will start. The next major release will have a re-written core, user interface, and console version. No major plans have been set for updates, just a system wide cleaning of the code. This means that there will probably not be any breaking changes. More to come on this later.

Anyway, on to the changelog:

  • Added ability to have a wild card character of ? to indicate any letter (or none at all) in that spot.
  • Added update notes to the notification when a new WebDeploy version is available.
  • Fixed exception being thrown when multiple file masks exist but in different cases.
  • Fixed problem loading VS.NET project with invalid characters, however those files will be ignored during deployment
  • Fixed dialog still being shown when app starts up "minimized". This, unfortunately, allows you to alt-tab to it when "minimized" to the notification area.
  • Fixed inability to delete the first file mask in the config section.
  • Fixed font size of copied files dialog.

So, until 2.0...here's your link.

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August 17. 2004 16:22

Crashes on my machine on start with a SecurityException. I guess this is because I don't have my user in the Administrators group and so your application doesn't get write access to my registry. The culprit code in your WebDeploy.Common.dll is:

    Registry.LocalMachine.OpenSubKey(@"Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run", true);

I didn't understand why you make this call at all since you don't see to do anything with the returned key. It would be nice if you handy tool could be run by just having a regular user account.

Hope this stack trace can also help:

>  mscorlib.dll!Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey.OpenSubKey(string name, bool writable) + 0x1da bytes  

  webdeploy.common.dll!eWorld.Apps.WebDeploy.Common.d49f21b461104655.43c9cbafd8c789da() + 0x5f bytes  

  webdeploy.common.dll!eWorld.Apps.WebDeploy.Common.d49f21b461104655.d49f21b461104655() + 0xa3 bytes  

  WebDeploy-GUI.exe!eWorld.Apps.WebDeploy.210ff09a2516b1a7.210ff09a2516b1a7() + 0x752 bytes  

  WebDeploy-GUI.exe!eWorld.Apps.WebDeploy.210ff09a2516b1a7.c447809891322395(string[] ce8d8c7e3c2c2426) + 0xfb bytes  

Looking forward to using it and recommending it to my customers as soon as I can get it to run. Thanks.

Atif Aziz

August 17. 2004 16:27


That was left over code from long, long ago. In version 2.0 that I'm working on right now, its not making any calls to the registry (aside from the installation which I'll make a note to verify the user is an admin).

Matt Hawley

August 19. 2004 01:25

So far it seems to work great with the exception that I'm not seeing any *.dll files in the bin folder get deployed (for an ASP.NET app, of course). Am I missing something in the profile configuration?


August 21. 2004 00:28

You should put a button on your website so people can make a Paypal donation to you for building this application.  It looks extremely useful.  I can't say that I would donate more than $5-$10 if I start using it...but even if 100 or more people did so, it would be a nice bonus for you.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to start using it soon.  Nice work!!

Michael Stuart

August 21. 2004 00:34

Oops... just noticed on your main website that you do have a Paypal donate button.  If I start using it regularly, I know it's there now! Smile


August 21. 2004 00:36

Just wait till Unleash It 2.0 comes out, you'll want to use it then Smile

Matt Hawley

August 25. 2004 17:35

This is a great tool and it seems that a good bit of effort was put inot making the user interface freindly and configurable.  I was thinking of writing something similar and stumbled across your tool.

I have run a test an I am also not seeing the bin folder or any of its contents being deployed.  I am using the VS project option and file share.  Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


August 25. 2004 17:37

Brent, please use my "contact" form to contact me. I'll want to get more information from you.

Matt Hawley

September 1. 2004 13:17

It would be very useful to specify directoryes not to be included in the deploly

Davide Mauri

September 1. 2004 14:49

Already in Unleash It 2.0 Smile

Matt Hawley

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