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Meeting Update for Tonight - Now I'm Speaking

August 4, 2004 23:09 by matthaw

Unfortunately our speaker's plane was cancelled early this morning which barred him from making the flight from LA to Bloomington, IL. This unfortunately put me in a situation in which I wish I had more time, preparing a presentation on ASP.NET Server Controls for the Central IL Dot Net User Group meeting this evening.

So, if your in the Cental IL area this eve, and wish to learn more about ASP.NET Server Controls, I urge you to make it over to the Microsoft Office in Bloomington, IL at 6 PM. Hopefully my thrown together presentation will be worth the time.


August 6. 2004 05:56

Matt, the session was really a good one. Everybody from our group(.NET-BUG) who attended felt it was worth to be there.

I personally feel its very useful.

Hope to have more sessions like this from you.



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