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Updated Utility: WebDeploy

June 25, 2004 23:35 by matthaw

WebDeploy has now reached a stable 1.1! When I started working on the next wave of things, I figured I'd only have 2 or 3 items, and it would go to 1.0.1, but as I got in and tested it more myself, I actually found a lot more bugs. This version doesn't have any breaking changes, again, but it does enhance the product to a mature level. I'm hoping this version is nearly bug free...but, what about the changelog? Ahh, here it is...

  • Added the active profile name to the title of the form.
  • Added column sorting to "Files able to be copied", "Folders to include", "Exceptions" and "Copied Files" dialogs.
  • Changed the name of "Files to Copy" dialog to better represent the dialog's functionality.
  • Changed bug submission architecture to use my tracking provider.
  • Fixed loosing changes to profile when moving back & forth between steps in configuration.
  • Fixed exception being thrown when a profile is deleted and no active profile is set. The "Quick Deploy Profile" becomes active.
  • Fixed instance where you could deploy when no extensions have been chosen.
  • Made some minor UI changes.

Nice list, right? I thought so. This utility is not for the faint of heart now, its a full fledged bad boy on the street, so watch out, otherwise it'll kick your butt when you're not looking.

"Like always, WebDeploy is freeware, and the source code is not available. If you have any further suggestions, comments, ideas, or problems, please do not hesitate to contact me or post them on this blog post.

If you wish to download WebDeploy, click here. You will need the .NET framework v1.1.4322 to run WebDeploy."

^ how redundant are these last 2 paragraphs - I don't think they've changed since 0.6 release several months ago. I guess its good to stick with what works!


June 26. 2004 00:52

I asked this last week I think.  Any chance of supporting coping to multiple locations in one copy.  Like App Center does Smile

If you can't (or don't want to), don't worry about.  Just say so.


June 26. 2004 01:39

I must have missed that, sorry about that. For simplicity sake, and the original scope of what WebDeploy was designed to do, this will not be put in place.

There are ways around doing what you wish, and that includes using the command line version of the utility and writing a batch file that will use the multiple locations.

Matt Hawley

June 27. 2004 12:24

That's alright Matt.

I have no expections on people providing free tools.  I think it's great you do that.  Also replying to comments and suggestions is really going the extra mile Smile

Thanks for your suggestion.


July 9. 2004 16:07

This is brilliant but...

First problem I have is that we have several apps that deploy to the same ftp address, they're differentiated by the login...

Second is the thorny issue of the site.config - every file /except/ site.config (ah, lightbulb moment, never mind).



July 9. 2004 16:10


You can have multiple FTP profiles for a single deployment profile. Therefore you can just have FTP-1, FTP-2, FTP-3 for the same profile and just choose the correct profile.

Matt Hawley

July 16. 2004 05:13

I downloaded thie program to try it out but I get "An exception 'System.InvalidOperationException' has occurred in WebDeploy-GUI.exe."

Julian Easterling

July 22. 2004 22:21

Great tool!

One thing: is it possible to have WebDeploy remember which folders were last selected?  I have a few backup folders that are in my web root on my dev box, but I need to deselect them each time I deploy.  (It ends up being about 50 dir/subdirs).

I'm guessing the best approach would be to just use the project to deploy from instead of the folder?

Thanks for the tool!



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