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"Hatteras" - the new SCC on the block

May 24, 2004 23:07 by matthaw

Update: Eric responds to the speculations and states that Hatteras is more on the lines to compete with ClearCase and not Vault.

So word is spreading like wildfire about "Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System," and it's sounding better and better with each post that comes up. However, much was overlooked and briefly mentioned concerning the VSS replacement, "Hatteras".

Korby had a great explanation of it:

"Hatteras is a spicy new SQL Server-based, fully transactional, client-server source control system that will blow your socks off."

Thats awesome, though its starting to sound a bit like a product currently out on the market -- Vault from SourceGear. It's funny also because I remember back to Eric's post long long ago submitting an application for Vault being the VSS replacement. Things that make you go hmmm....

Now, I'm sure SourceGear didn't sell their rights to Vault, I don't know why they would, unless MS paid them a hefty amount. Though, by the sounds of it, "Hatteras" may shape up to be a Vault contender when all is said and done. I get to meet Eric next week (he's speaking at our UG meeting), so I'll definately have to chat with him about this.

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May 25. 2004 02:02

Regarding the similarities between this and Vault - Beyond the fact that they are both version control systems that use MS SQL server what are the similarities? Using a database to store code is not that amazing. Visual Source Safe uses JET (AFAIK), SubVersion uses BerkleyDB, StarTeam can use a number of different databases (once again, from what I've heard). Microsoft choosing SQL Server is not amazing (it would have been amazing if they had chosen anything else). Now please forgive me god for calling JET a database.


May 25. 2004 05:10


I know about as much as you do. I was just speculating.

Matt Hawley

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