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VS.NET 2005 & ASP.NET Projects

March 29, 2004 18:53 by matthaw

Well I started to get into using ASP.NET in VS.NET 2005 CTP this morning, and I definately have to say, its much further along than the windows forms.  So far I'm really impressed with it, and I would like to share some of my experiences & impressions:

  • When adding a Web.config file to a web site, the debug attribute in compilation is set to "false". Why is that? When I'm developing an application in this stage, I want it set to "true".
  • I miss not having "Add new Webform" or "Add new User Control" from the context menu for a project.  I realize that they're are more options that you can choose from, but sometimes all I need is a webform/user control.  Maybe we could see these come back, which will not prompt you like in VS.NET 03, but will add the file, then automatically allow you to edit the file name?
  • I like the new interface to open up websites, with the ability to choose your site via UNC, Local IIS, FTP, Remote Sites (FP Extensions?), and Source Control.  I've not tested all of these, but probably will in the near future.
  • Typing HTML is now XHTML compliant! VS.NET auto-reformats it so it is complaint.
  • When I attempted to add a new item, no templates were visible, however I didn't know I had to choose a language...after doing so, the templates were populated in the list view.
  • The new Wizard control is very sweet...though adding controls to different wizard steps produces duplicate control ids.

And then I stopped - because I couldn't figure out how to add code classes to perform actual processing logic...that will wait till later...however, I do have a major rant about this...

I really hate how web applications are now supposed to be built.  We have to use a "Code" folder to place all code which is to be compiled whenever you view a webpage.  We have no option to "Build" projects, or web applications anymore...so finding syntax errors, or incorrectly referenced namespaces requires you to go to your web browser, hit refresh, and see the detailed error report.  So - why do I hate this, well I want to know what my build errors are prior to viewing the webpage, I want to build assemblies...so to sum it up... I want the old functionality back!  Now, if they're is a way of doing this (and I believe there is), please let me know.  I only say this because we're breaking a HUGE enterprise rule, and that is deploying source code with applications, and when you're developing applications for clients, this is a big NO NO because the source code could fall into someone's lap that isn't supposed to have it.

Now that my rant is over, please let me know how to develop like this, I really hate not having that functionality present, or very apparent.

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March 29. 2004 22:59

Using XHTML is nice but useless when 95% of browsers used (Microsoft's own IE) doesn't support it. Just try serving XHTML as application/xhtml+xml (not required, you still may serve XHTML as text/html) or putting your inline scripts onto CDATA nodes (required when you use < or & in the script).


March 31. 2004 11:00


You can still pre-compiled your assembly in a DLL btw.


Dody G.

March 31. 2004 16:47

That is exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks Dody!

Matt Hawley

April 1. 2004 19:19

Hello, Matt.

I was also looking for a way to actually compile ASP .NET project. Looks like Dody found one. Cool!


April 1. 2004 22:54

The problem with the precompile, unless things have changed, is that it compiles everything, including the aspx and ascx content page too, leaving those as just empty placeholders.  I want the model we have now where I can compile my code, for some level of protection, while still leaving my content alone so that quick changes can be done.  That model was not on the table the last time I heard, although its been a while and maybe that has changed now.

Paul Wilson

April 1. 2004 23:05


I agree with you...someone had responded to me in the private whidbey newsgroups about this, saying that it will probably come back in the future...but I'm not sure how reliable that was because I don't believe it was from a MS'ee.  I sure hope it does, though.

Matt Hawley

June 26. 2004 10:26

Matt, I posted a solution to the reference problem on my blog <a href="michaelteper.com/.../a>">michaelteper.com/.../a>...

Michael Teper

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