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New Utility: Resizer

March 29, 2004 17:07 by matthaw

How often do you need to resize & compress images after taking a TON of pictures on your digital camera?  I've come across this issue many times, and resizing & compressing 50+ images at a time is always a pain.  Now, with Resizer (current version 0.2), this pain is illeviated by allowing you to load a directory of images, select which ones to resize, choose a size, then sit back...wait...and view the resized images.  The wizard based approach allows any non-technical user to resize images with ease.

Resizer is available as freeware, and source code is not available.  Please post any comments/suggestions/bugs to this blog.

Download Resizer Now! (You will need the .NET framework 1.1.4322 to run this application).

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March 29. 2004 23:39

Looks great, Matt.

Just wanted to mention that there is also a free resizer PowerToy for XP available at www.microsoft.com/.../powertoys.asp">www.microsoft.com/.../powertoys.asp. The nice thing is you can just right-click a folder or some images and select "Resize".


March 29. 2004 23:45

Didn't know that was there... I like mine better though Smile

Matt Hawley

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