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WikiPlex – An Embedded Wiki Engine

July 16, 2009 11:04 by matthaw

What and Why?

I'd like to introduce you to WikiPlex, which is CodePlex's wiki engine that we have re-written and made open source under the MS-PL license. I'm also happy to announce that our first public release is now available!


CodePlex previously had a decent wiki engine that was written eon's ago. On the average, that wiki engine worked relatively well, but had a very problematic performance bug that would cause rendering slowness occasionally. So, instead of attempting to fix the bug, we decided to re-write the entire thing with the intensions of making it available to everyone! This time, we chose a different approach for parsing the wiki markup (utilizing regular expressions) which has proven to give us a performance boost as well as a relatively simpler architecture!


The main question you may be asking yourself is - Why use WikiPlex over a different solution? Here's the simple answer: WikiPlex is great if you already have a .NET application you'd like to embed a wiki interface into. Be it as simple as allowing users to host their own homepage content, item descriptions, or comments - the possibilities are endless!



WikiPlex was built in a way that it can easily be added into your infrastructure. Whether your using dependency injection or not, the code is as simple as the following:

var engine = new WikiPlex.WikiEngine();
string output = engine.Render("This is my wiki source!");

If you take a look at the overloads for Render, you'll see that you have a lot of flexibility as far as rendering various wiki segments differently at runtime. (I'll describe the extensibility in the future)

public interface IWikiEngine
   string Render(string wikiContent);
   string Render(string wikiContent, IFormatter formatter);
   string Render(string wikiContent, IEnumerable<IMacro> macros);
   string Render(string wikiContent, IEnumerable<IMacro> macros, IFormatter formatter);

Supported Macros

The following are the macros supported out of the box for WikiPlex. If you'd like to see the description and usage, please visit the markup guide.

  • Text Formatting
    • Bold
    • Italics
    • Underline
    • Strikethrough
    • Superscript
    • Subscript
  • Headings
  • Images
  • Links
  • Tables
  • Left and Right Aligned Text
  • Ordered and Unordered Lists
  • RSS / Atom Feeds
  • Source Code Blocks (both syntax highlighted and not)
  • Silverlight
  • Videos (Flash, Quicktime, Real, Soapbox, Windows Media, and YouTube)

Enjoy! And don't forget to download WikiPlex now!


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