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My Resignation is in Order

December 7, 2004 17:11 by matthaw
As of 5 PM yesterday, I’m no longer apart of the Central IL Dot Net User Group based out of Bloomington / Normal, IL. Throughout the past year, I did my hardest to bring in the best & brightest speakers, and I succeeded. I wanted to personally thank those that came and spoke. As far as what I’ll be doing next…well, I’ll probably join the other .NET User Group in town and see if that group is any better (which I’m sure it will be). If that doesn’t pan out, I’ll probably start a third group in town.

Jeff Prosise's .NET Presentation

October 11, 2004 16:21 by matthaw

For those of you who attended last weeks Central IL Dot Net user group meeting (ASP.NET Hacking), you can download Jeff Prosise's presentation and demo code from here.

Jeff, I also wanted to give you a public Thank You! for taking a day of your precious time to visit us and give such a great presentation. It was also great meeting you in person and I hope that the next Geek Cruise, .NET Nirvana III, goes without a hitch!

Update: Just found out there is no Powerpoint, however it does contain all the demos. Jeff didn't actually use a powerpoint presentation, he just spoke and showed demos.

Jeff Prosise Coming to Central IL .NET User Group

October 6, 2004 19:04 by matthaw

I'm happy to announce that Jeff Prosise will be making a guest appearance at our monthly .NET User Group in Bloomington, IL this evening. More information about his presentation can be found at http://www.centralil.net

If you're in the central IL area, stop by Illinois State University campus and join us at Schroeder Hall Annex 130 at 7 PM for an enlightening presentation by Jeff Prosise. If you need a map, follow these directions:

1. Go to www.ilstu.edu/map
2. Search for "Schroeder Hall Annex"
3. It'll pinpoint where the building is, and I suggest parking in the Bone Student Center parking lot.

Again, we're starting around 7 PM, so I hope to see you all there!

Central IL .NET User Group Meeting - Introducing SQL Server 2005

September 1, 2004 16:54 by matthaw

Tonight will be like no other. Kent Tegels will be making a trip from Nebraska all the way to central Illinois just to speak on SQL Server 2005. As a part of our attempts of expansion, we will be shifting our our meeting locations to Illinois State University to hopefully grab more of a student base to our group.

So, if your in the Central Illinois area this evening, stop by ISU's campus around 7PM. We will be meeting at CVA 145 (it's the only round building on campus, which happens to be in the middle of construction right now).

See you there!

ASP.NET Server Controls Presentation

August 5, 2004 16:52 by matthaw

Yesterday, I stated that I had to prepare a presentation for my .NET User Group, and after 3.5 hours of quickly throwing together a presentation and demos, I was done. Yay! I luckily only had enough time to leave work (yes late), drive to the Microsoft office, setup my laptop, and then go! Call that close? I would.

Onto the presentation, nay, discussion. I say this because I wasn't presenting, everyone in the room was having a discussion about ASP.NET Server Controls, and I was just leading it. I was amazed that my technical level that I put together enthused everyone in the room. Wow. So after 2 hours later we had to actually stop our discussion with content left to cover (using events). I tell you what, I've never been so psyched and tired at the same time, what a rush.

So, if you'd like to check out my presentation & demos, you can download them here. I do have to reiterate, that some of the content may not be as accurate as what it should be since I threw it together in 3.5 hours. Enjoy!

Meeting Update for Tonight - Now I'm Speaking

August 4, 2004 23:09 by matthaw

Unfortunately our speaker's plane was cancelled early this morning which barred him from making the flight from LA to Bloomington, IL. This unfortunately put me in a situation in which I wish I had more time, preparing a presentation on ASP.NET Server Controls for the Central IL Dot Net User Group meeting this evening.

So, if your in the Cental IL area this eve, and wish to learn more about ASP.NET Server Controls, I urge you to make it over to the Microsoft Office in Bloomington, IL at 6 PM. Hopefully my thrown together presentation will be worth the time.

Central IL Dot Net: Eric Sink

July 1, 2004 17:31 by matthaw

Last night, Eric Sink from SourceGear paid our user group meeting a visit last night. It was truly an awaited presentation by all, especially after we had to postpone the initial meeting the first week of this month.

Eric is such a great guy and and awesome and entertaining speaker. He discussed how SourceGear made the transition to using Web Services and IIS to host their latest application, Vault. He also discussed some of the major technical support questions that they've been facing ever since a 1.0 release. What got me the most, were that some of the problems that they experienced, I had either come across them personally or solved much of the same for some of the applications at my workplace. In that sense, it was great to know that we weren't alone in facing some of the problems that .NET posed to us.

I'm sure Eric will be posting his slides sometime in the near future, and when he does, I'll make sure to link to them.

Thanks again Eric! It's just too bad Bill Hoffman (from Microsoft) took home your 5 license giveaway for Vault...I know I definately could have used it for work or home. Oh well, ya win some, ya loose some.

Centrall IL Dot Net UG Meetings

June 25, 2004 18:53 by matthaw

I guess its time for a recap, in case anyone is interested.

Kent just posted his visit and topic for our group meeting in September, but I'd also like to mention the meetings between now and then that are going to be notable..

June 30th - Eric Sink from SourceGear will be visiting and discussing the use of ASP.NET for ISVs.
August 4th - Phil Weber from CodeWidget will be visiting and discussing Smart Client applications.
August 4th - Michael Ruminer from CodeWidget will be visiting.
September 1st - Kent Tegels will be visiting and discussing XML in Databases
October 6th - Jeff Prosise will be visiting and discussing security with ASP.NET applications.
November 3rd - Jacob Cynamon will be visiting and discussing WSE 2.0
December 1st - I will be discussing development and use of ASP.NET Server Controls

Great lineup, isn't it. I'm stoked! You can keep up to date on our lineup by visiting our group's webpage.

Update: Phil informed me that he is no longer employed by CodeWidget. I'm looking for an alternative solution - hopefully CodeWidget will come through and still send someone, otherwise I'll be taking the slot and moving my presentation up.

Update 2: Michael Ruminer will be taking Phil's place. His topic is currently unknown.

Central IL Dot Net User Group Meeting Postponed Tonight

June 2, 2004 23:34 by matthaw

Unfortuantely our user group in Bloomington will not be meeting tonight as it turns out that no one is available to stay at the Microsoft office. I've talked with Eric Sink and will be rescheduling the meeting for either June 9th or 30th. I'll update this entry after I find out tomorrow for sure.

Update: The meeting is re-scheduled for June 30th.

Central IL Dot Net User Group Meeting

June 1, 2004 20:28 by matthaw

Alas, its been another fun filled and packed month. It seems as if the time has just flown by since our last User Group meeting.

On Wednesday, June 4, the Central IL Dot Net User Group will be hosting Eric Sink from SourceGear. He will be discussing the use of ASP.NET applications for ISVs, more information found here. So, if your in or around Bloomington, IL tomorrow night stop by and join us. We will be starting right around 6 PM, so don't miss out!

PS - Visit our site for more information and directions to our meeting locations.

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