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Released: Excentrics World Server Controls v2.0.1

August 2, 2006 09:06 by matthaw

Unfortunately I had some decently nasty bugs crop up that couldn’t wait for v2.1 of my control set to come out. Because of that, I had to release v2.0.1 that contains the following fixes:

  • Fixed issue where AppendDataBoundItems had no effect when binding against the Multi-Text controls.
  • Fixed issue where posting back a page with the ListTransfer controls are present but not visible throws a NULL reference exception.
  • Fixed issue where determining the scrollLeft and scrollTop in IE was causing improper behavior when the page scrolled. This breaks the scrolling div fix for IE.
  • Fixed issue where disabling the CalendarPopup and TimePicker controls upon a postback with the Image displayed, didn't actually disable the image.
  • Fixed issue where it's possible to receive a NULL reference exception in the CalendarPopup or TimePicker when calling the Clear or Reset methods.

While I don’t normally do quick releases like this, I’d rather have a more solid product in the end. Unfortunately these items were not identified sooner and had to wait until the public took a crack at the RTM bits, but I digress. Official build number for this is

The updated version can be downloaded by visiting http://www.eworldui.net/Download.aspx


August 20. 2006 01:56

Matt, I updated from 2.0RC2 to 2.0.1 and a page that has both the calendar control and atlas updatepanels is now broken (atlas throws an "Unknown error" message, which it tends to when it cant play with other script on the page). Any chance you could look into it?

Michael Teper

August 29. 2006 05:00

very good!
thank you.


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