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Unleash It Survey

November 30, 2004 01:37 by matthaw

I’ve recently sent out a new beta to my beta group requiring them to fill out a survey. However, that group is limited, and I wanted to get a more broad input on Unleash It. So, please, if you use Unleash It, take a few moments to fill out the following survey using the “Contact” link to the left. Also, if you would like to become a user in my beta group, please indicate this as well!

Survey Questions:

1) How often do you use Unleash It, and is your use for personal or professional deployments?

2) If your use is within your profession, do other team members use Unleash It?

3) Have you utilized any of the included plugins, or have you created some on your own? If you've created some, do you find the documentation provided sufficient? Are there any additions or changes you would like to see with the plugin architecture?

4) What feature do you find most useful? What feature do you find least useful?

5) Are there any other features left lacking that Unleash It can enhance or implement?

6) Have you experienced any problems with the current version of Unleash It, or any previous versions? If you have, were your problems satisfactorily resolved?

7) Would a enterprise edition of Unleash It be something your corporation would use? This would involve having a central repository for profiles, logging of deployments, user authentication, and role based security, etc.

8) Any other comments?

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