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Trying Out FogBUGZ

May 26, 2004 06:21 by matthaw

After some discussion with Jeff Key this morning, and reading in Coder to Developer by Mike Gunderloy, I decided to start testing out FogBUGZ to see if I like using it for a bug tracking software for my personal development.

So far I'm very impressed, and I like the price too. Just something about very affordable software for individual developers. Great thinking Fog Creek and SourceGear!

The experience so far has been very pleasant. You sign up for the 45 day trial, and you instantly have access to their site with your own personal database. What makes it really nice, is that at any point during my trial, I can purchase licenses, download my databases that I was using (either SQL Server or Access), install it to my local version and I'm off and running.

So, I have about 44 days and counting and I'm looking to add a development partner, so maybe we both can really get a sense of how great FogBUGZ is when working with a small team.

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