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VisualBlogger 2004 - Whats the Truth?

May 19, 2004 17:13 by matthaw

After a nice comment from Paschal, he noted what I was thinking after writing my original post this morning. So - what was it that he and I had the same thoughts on? Well, when Robert intially launched the idea of VisualBlogger, he stated in a comment on his initial post:

"Yeah, it's really free. I'm going to release it by the end of the week, barring any VS.NET integration issues. I'll have it set up so you can run it standalone as well (outside the IDE)."

So, whats the big deal? Well, according to his latest post and announcement, it seems as if VisualBlogger 2004 will become a commercial app, read it as you will:

"Oh yeah, and the winner will get a free copy of VisualBlogger 2004 when we do a final release in late July, early August."

In the above post, Paschal also posed the question, yet there is still no response.

Now - I'm not necessarily knocking the fact that VS.NET integration isn't there yet, that can be extremely tricky, so I can see why it hasn't made it yet. However, he teased us from the beggining, and I just wanna see it in action.

So, a response from Robert would be nice on Interscape's plans for releasing VisualBlogger as a free community tool or a commercial app. To me, if it's going to be a commercial app, then they have a lot of work cut out for them. As I previously stated, its not nearly as polished - and this could be due to its infancy - however to me, it seems more of a developer's tool rather than a commercial app.

Dmitry - you've got my $19.95 comin' for BlogJet.

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May 19. 2004 17:27

I was wondering that as well, I seem to recall Robert saying in the past that it would be free.


May 19. 2004 17:30

I really, really like wblogger. Its awesome and there are enough *plugins* to make everything work correctly. Looove it. http://wblogger.com">http://wblogger.com. Check it out.

girishb@mvps.org (Girish)

May 19. 2004 18:01

Bought BlogJet myself just recently...I tried using Beta 1 of VisualBlogger - but it just wasn't even close to usable for me. If VisualBlogger becomes commercial - which I'd guess it probably will, it'll have to at least compete with BlogJet in terms of performance and price (VisualBlogger seems to have a few more features - but as you say these're features only developers will really use).

Scott Galloway

May 19. 2004 18:28

Matt, Dimitri will receive also my $19.95 for Blogjet.

It's really the best and most simple to blog today !

If VisualBlogger has been made for some Interscape viral marketing operation, I am not playing, I'm too busy !


May 19. 2004 18:37

Robert really really likes to talk.

I stoppped listening some time ago.


May 19. 2004 19:12

What are the advantages of BlogJet over w.blogger? Is it just WYSIWYG HTML editing?


May 19. 2004 19:14

Scott - the best thing I can really say is just download BlogJet (it has a 30 day free trial) and try it out on your own. I used to use w.blogger as well, but once I tried BlogJet I was just floored, and immediately switched.

Matt Hawley

May 19. 2004 19:41

Well heck, tryin's free. I'll try it. It'll really have to floor me to get my $20, I'm cheap. ;)


May 19. 2004 19:42

The only things that are missing from BlogJet is code pasting (nicely formatted) and cross blog posting. Well, that and formatting of text is a bit cumbersome, but you'll love the app overall.

Matt Hawley

May 20. 2004 00:02

I don't blame anybody for trying to convert a project into a revenue opportunity, even if they once said it would be free.  But still, I will likely not buy any product from Robert's "team". I had to filter him long ago.  I can only take so many overhyped posts about his company, himself or anybody else he wants to advertise for whatever reason (free licenses, I suspect.)


May 20. 2004 06:56

I am not able to use BlogJet, unfortunately.  It works fine unless I delete any HTML code, then the program silently disappears.  I'm not the only one that has this problem but the developer can't reproduce it (I can, in the last 3 versions).  So Visual Blogger, if/when it makes it to release quality, will be a welcome addition here.  I have no desire to write my own, the web interface isn't *that* bad.

Shannon J Hager

May 20. 2004 07:37

"Robert really really likes to talk.

I stoppped listening some time ago."

Robert is da man. Robert is a fucking god. He's founded his own company? He is a successful developer. Robert rocks. He rocks. Robert just rocks. .NET Rocks? WRONG ROBERT ROCKS! I KNOW HE DOES BECAUSE HE TOLD ME SO.

Everyone buy BlogJet. Because it isn't a recycled version of Lutz Roeders Writer.exe, minus the decent interface.


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