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Updating Tips
When a new version of Excentrics World Custom Controls is released, you'll need to go through a process of updating your files and projects that use the controls.  This can be very tedious (and unappealing) if you use the controls in many pages.  Below are tips on how to simplify things.
Continue to use the GAC
If you wish to continue to use the controls via the GAC, you'll need to keep the Register declaration the same as this site states.  After you successfully install the new version, the Visual Studio.NET project will automatically pick up the newest version in its references to compile against.

The tricky part, is that you need to update each Register declaration to point to the newer version.  There's really no simple way of doing this besides a search and replace.
Remote Server Use
This method is best if you don't have access to install the controls into the GAC, as well as if you want to easily update your versions without having to change multiple register tags.  This method is suggestted by me, as it is what I use with my website.

When you add the eWorld.UI reference to your Visual Studio.NET project, change the Copy Local to True for the reference property.  On successful builds, it will copy the eWorld.UI assembly into your /bin folder.

After this is complete, you can start using register declarations that look like:

<%@ Register TagPrefix=”ew” Assembly=”eWorld.UI” Namespace=”eWorld.UI” %>

Now, when a new version comes out, all you have to do is install it, and recompile your project.



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