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My Take on Not Getting VSTS

June 19, 2004 15:53 by matthaw

After reading Early Adopter's post about how VSTS will not even be available via MSDN Universal Subscribers, I thought to myself - why the heck is Microsoft even implementing VSTS. If its not going to be available to most developers out there (unless your a super corp with loads of $$, not my company - we get ours from MSDN Universal) then the darn thing 1) isn't going to be bought by individuals/developers, 2) isn't going to be an available tool that MS will probably market it as, 3) isn't going to be worth the time spending thousands of hours developing it.

So my only irk about this is, why the heck create it, if you're not going to let developers/teams use it at a reasonable cost. Stupid position MS, stupid.

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June 19. 2004 16:29

Strange, in Joel's "How MS Lost The API War" rant he writes...

"It's so important for Microsoft that the only reason they don't outright give away development tools for Windows is because they don't want to inadvertently cut off the oxygen to competitive development tools vendors (well, those that are left) because having a variety of development tools available for their platform makes it that much more attractive to developers. But they really want to give away the development tools."

I'd love VSTS too, but maybe there's something they know that we don't...NOT.


June 19. 2004 16:46

I agree, if its not in MSDN universal, my chance of using it is drastically reduced.

Scott McCulloch

June 19. 2004 16:47

MS is taking out other things from "Universal" subscription, too. For example VS 2005 Team System...

It seems that somebody in MS is inventing a new meaning for the word 'universal'...



June 19. 2004 18:03


::MS is taking out other things from "Universal"

::subscription, too. For example VS 2005 Team



they also take more stuff out.

Like the Team System

and the Team System

Nice comment you did. The Post is about VSTS and you talk aobut Visual Studio Team System. eality check: you both tal abou the same thing.

Thomas Tomiczek

June 19. 2004 21:32

As I understand it, VSTS will still be available through MSDN Universal (in one form or another).  Read an official blog about it somewhere.  God knows where though.

Johnny Hall

June 20. 2004 07:31

What about team system? are they keeping team system or taking it out?


June 20. 2004 11:01

Maybe that one guy thought you said VSTO

Robert W. McLaws

June 20. 2004 11:22



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