Welcome to the pink zone

Welcome to the new pink zone by Excentrics World! We've decided it was time to cut loose and let our "inner-self" come through and let you know the real deal behind what goes into our coding. Like any developer, we generally stay secluded in our dark caves only coming out when it's time to eat, pee, or play some Xbox 360. What many people don't know, is that we are real developers that wear pink. Our moms used to do our laundry, but then we moved out - and guess what, red socks + white shirts = pink shirts. Yeah, it sucks, but who cares - we don't leave!

Ramblings of the pink zone...

It was only a matter of time. Everyone knew I was working on a new design - and I felt, hey - this is the best time to launch the new look. Sexy isn't it. It's like a 3rd grader threw paint on your monitor. Not only are we hardcore pink shirt wearers, but we're big supporters of the Breast Cancer 3-day walks (click here to donate). My pink longing has wait years to make it's debut, I hope you enjoy it.

Is pink for real?

No, not really. Just some fun I had. If you want to get to the real site, visit the original site. Enjoy the April Fool's joke though!